Top 10 Spots Around New England For Engagement Photos

Let’s get the ball rolling on some amazing ideas with spots for New England engagement photos for your upcoming Photo session!

The Boston Public Gardens (Boston, MA)

Ahhhh the quintessential Boston engagement session🙈 You couldn’t get more Beantown if you tried!

The Boston Public Gardens is a beautiful and diverse location to do your engagement photos at! There’s nature all around, which makes it beautifully romantic in all seasons! But it’s also in the heart of the city which makes it an accessible distance to other bonus spots like Beacon hill/Acorn st, Downtown Copley and the Charles River Esplanade that’ll add some more chic vibes to your session! This location really does have it all✨

The Arnold Arboretum (Boston, MA)

Where to begin with this place?? The Arboretum is literally the most GORGEOUS park I have ever been to! There are so many options of spots to shoot at within, and at every turn there is gorgeous plant life & biodiversity throughout the whole of it!

My personal favorite spot within the arboretum is the Leventritte Garden😍 In the summer it has a blooming wall covered in ivy and leaves, archways wrapped with so much beautiful plant life, and lots of pathways lined with the most beautiful flowers! You cannot go wrong doing a shoot here!

Perkins Cove (Ogunquit, ME)

Perkins cove is a beautiful and fun adventure of a location! There is so much to see and take in as you walk the path from beach to beach! The views of the ocean are stunning! There are pockets of trees, & flowers that let you pop a nature vibe into your session! And finally you end at some of the most beautiful stone lined beaches that are very unique in comparison to your average sand and water beach photos!

I recommend coming around sunset because the view of the sky and clouds at this time is absolutely breathtaking, and makes the most magical backdrop to any engagement session!

Seaport District (Boston, MA)

Want those chic & romantic city vibes?! Babes, the seaport is serving them up!

This location is beautiful no matter what the season or the weather! I have photographed here in the winter & summer, and in the sun & rain and no matter what it always looks classy!

You can walk along the water and get the beautiful Boston Skyline as your backdrop or you can walk in between the buildings and capture the diverse paths that line the shops! If you’re getting dressed to the nines, this is an amazing spot for this!

Dexter Drumlin Reservation (Lancaster, MA)

Dexter Drumlin is a hidden gem kind of location for many reasons! It’s layout of land allows you to have a beautiful expanse of nature behind you at whatever angle you pose!

It’s not super frequented like the other locations listed above so you have the space and peace to be yourself without fear of others watching you take your photos! You can run, jump, dance or frolic amongst the fields without happening upon a single person most of the time!

And the sunset views of the sky at this location are UNREAL. It looks like actual cotton candy is lining the sky! Want to avoid the rush of crowds and still get beautiful backdrops? This may be a great spot!

Blitheworld Mansions (Bristol, RI)

Oh my goodness… I LOVE Blitheworld Mansions! There’s two views of the mansions the front (as pictured below) and the back of it that is even more extravagant with stone balcony you can walk out on that looks out to a vast of expanse of greenery!

The architecture of the building is stunning in and of itself, but the fact that it also has gorgeous gardens on site with the most amazing flowers and plants is just an added bonus!

The Decordova Sculpture Park (Lincoln, MA)

This spot is such a unique and fun location for engagement photos! There’s so many interesting sculptures you could have as your backdrop (my personal favorite being these twin hearts below 🥰)

And there’s lots of space in between each so it NEVER feels crowded shooting there! You can get a good mix of beautiful nature filled photos, and then play off of the structures for more adventurous and fun shots!

Artists Bluff (Franconia, NH)

So I’m going to preface this location with two disclaimers…😅

1. The hike to get to this spot is STRAIGHT INCLINE so if you are not up to a medium amount of hiking or afraid of heights… you might struggle with the up and down

2. This spot is super busy and popular, with just a limited amount of space so you will most likely have to work around other people being here.

BUT if you can get past these first two disclaimers… MY GOD THIS IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VIEW I’VE EVER HAD IN NEW ENGLAND! The mountains, the trees, the vastness of nature 😱 it is absolutely stunning! And SO worth the hike up and dodging the crowds to get here!

Purgatory Chasm (Sutton, MA)

Purgatory Chasm is a location I was recently introduced to and it is such a cool spot!

The way the chasm is structured is so unique! There are huge boulders and rock paths within the chasm that make for such a great and unique back drop in photos, and when you climb up out of the chasm it’s like taking photos on a mountain ledge! You get to see the sky peak out and sit among the tops of trees!

If you want another hidden gem that not many people are talking about, here’s one for you!

Cliff Walk (Newport, RI)

I adore Cliff Walk with my whole heart y’all!! Like I’m not lying! This is probably my personal favorite spot in all of New England for photos!

Photos by the sea are already beautiful in and of themselves, but when you walk out on the rocks and “cliffs” that line the water, it’s like you’re transported to something out of a scene in a movie!

The crashing of the waves, roaring of the see and views into the ocean will leave you breathless and feeling absolutely tiny in a big and beautiful world! If you’re not from Rhode Island it may be a bit of a trek to get here, but it is 1000% worth the trip!

April 22, 2021

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