5 Tips on how to Make the Most of Your Elopement

It’s no secret that 2020 has thrown us all for a bit of a loop… A worldwide pandemic literally brought the whole world to a screeching halt for a few months, and we’re left picking up the pieces in the aftermath of it all. Here are 5 Tips on how to Make the Most of Your Elopement

And if you’re an engaged couple that was planning to get married this year… one of the pieces you’re left to pick up is if and how to proceed with your wedding.

A lot of couples are choosing to postpone their dates or cancel their weddings altogether, but you may be one of the couples out there who just want to get stinkin’ married already! You’ve been planning this day for a year or more, and it’s all you’ve been waiting for… so what do you do when you want to get married but have to minimize the plan?

Eloping is an AMAZING OPTION! And I’ll go into detail a little bit more as to why, but if you’re wondering how to get that magical wedding feel while getting married on a smaller scale, I have some tips for you!


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1. It’s Your Elopement, Give it 1000% Commitment

I understand that an elopement may or may not have been your original wedding of choice. The recent restrictions on gatherings and events have made it pretty impossible to not have down-sized your wedding plans at least a little bit. But the first tip I have for you in making your elopement awesome is a mindset change. Commit to making your elopement AMAZING! If you’ve begrudgingly had to change your wedding plans, it’s 100% going to leave a sour taste in your mouth every time you think & look back on your elopement. It will always feel like the wedding you didn’t want but had to settle for. And YOU DON’T WANT THAT! Trust me!!

There are soooo many other amazing emotions to be feeling on your big day of saying I do, and regret should not be one! We are saying “Bye Felicia” to that! So my first tip is to commit to your elopement and give 1000% of your heart, mind, energy, and attitude into making it an amazing day regardless.

2. Make The Occasion Special by Investing In The Details

Let me preface this tip by saying… I in no way believe that weddings revolve around material things or goods.

BUT I do believe there is something of value that comes from investing in the details of your intimate elopement.

Buy yourself a beautiful dress, or get yourself some flowers! You may have a reception later on, but you only ACTUALLY get married ONCE! A good rule of thumb here is, don’t dress according to your mood… dress according to how you want to feel!

And what I mean by this is: Don’t just show up to your elopement like you’re bummed that Plan A didn’t work out. Instead treat your elopement like the once in a lifetime event it is! It’s a special day, you want it to feel special and magical, so invest in details (clothing, shoes, accessories, flowers) that will make you feel special in your own way!

And this will look different for everyone. Not everyone will want a ball gown wedding dress, or a full on suit! But overall this is one aspect of your elopement that you can practically invest in, to make the day awesome!


3. Incorporate Activities that Give The Day A Personal Touch

One of the things that I think can make an elopement extra special is incorporating activities that will create intimate moments between you and your lover.

For example: A Dance to your favorite song together, a first look after you both get all dolled up, or a separate vow exchange between the two of you, where you share your hearts with one another before or after the ceremony.

Most elopements are short and sweet, usually only consisting of sweet words from your chosen officiant(s), a quick ring exchange, and vows between the two of you. So by adding in these sweet touches here and there you are able to go beyond the ceremony traditions and keep emotion and love at the forefront of the entire day. These moments also allow you to create beautiful, timeless, and authentic images that require absolutely no posing or guidance at all other than the prompt to just be yourselves.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Have Some Fun!

It’s your big day, design it your way! Sorry for the awkward rhyming… but it’s true! You are no longer bound to specific wedding traditions and events, you can literally do WHATEVER you want! So do that!

If you want to bust out a picnic of your favorite lunch in the middle of the day, do it! Also, if you want to pop some champagne and eat cupcakes while hanging out on a mountaintop DO IT. Finally, if you want to finish your elopement by going to the beach and jumping in for a swim together… JUST FREAKING DO IT!

It’s okay if it gets a little messy, or you find yourself doing something out of the wedding norm! Just make sure your day is filled with the kind of excitement and joy, you want to be looking back on for years to come.

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5. Keep It Simple, Focus on Your Love

Anyone who’s ever planned a wedding can tell you this. One of the hardest things you do during the process is narrow down the VIPs you want to surround you on your big day.

So much about the traditional wedding experience is wrapped up in who we invite. In addition, the kind of experience we provide those guests. However, one of the most invaluable aspects of eloping is that when you create an intimate wedding day. You have a limited and exclusive number of guests, the focus of the day automatically shifts from the event to the love story.

Don’t feel pressured to invite every friend. You can always do a “just us” kind of elopement with just you and your other half that’s cool too! Either way, just make sure you limit your guest count to the absolute MOST important people in your lives. Those who have supported you and lifted you up during all the seasons of your life.

This is your opportunity to toss formality out the window. You then create a beautiful and love-centered celebration. Have all of the people you treasure most in the world surrounding you.

Your elopement needs to be more than just an event, it’s going to be an experience.


June 19, 2020

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